“I have been a client of William’s for the past four years.  My first visit was to address deep chronic hip pain I had been experiencing while playing tennis.  After the first session I had incredible results.  The techniques he uses are unlike anything I have experienced.  Sometimes he uses a subtle touch and I can feel energy move through my body.  Other times, he puts pressure on trigger points until my body releases.  One  morning I suddenly was struck with low back pain while driving to work.  I booked a massage right away and the pain subsided a bit, but by the next morning it was back.  I went to see a chiropractor the next morning who gave me a great adjustment, but by the evening, it was back.  I walked into William’s office the following day and before I even got to the table, he started working on it.  I left his office that day and the pain was completely gone.

I took my daughter to see him for a few 30 minute sessions during a growth spurt and experiencing leg pain.  She went in feeling a bit dubious, but she felt relief and was very pleased.  I took my son in for a session after he fell off his scooter and landed on his face.  His upper body had been holding tight due to the trauma and with William’s help, he was able to release it.  My son hadn’t realized how much the accident had impacted his body until after the session.  I would highly recommend William to anyone suffering from chronic pain or injury.”