That was fabulous! I had a lot of pain…

“That was fabulous! I had a lot of pain in my neck before we started and the pain in my neck is really loose and free. Before I started, I felt a little bit heavy because it was really cold today and I now feel great! You are a master at this. Thank you so much. It was much needed.” – E.C.

Healing Testimonials

That was supercharged and powerful.

“That was supercharged and powerful. I was zonked pretty quickly. Lovely energy and I like the imagery you used to create the available energy around for the next while. I really do like your guiding words…Great stuff!! And I like that I can jump in every week consistently.” – B.R.

Healing Testimonials

I felt the energy coming in and it was…

“Thank you so much for this amazing transmission. I so needed this powerful boost! I felt the energy coming in and it was very powerful and also peaceful and kind. It integrated into my energy and body and shifted any heaviness and contraction that I had. I felt energized and joyful afterwards. I am so so so grateful for you and your energy!” – Gosia L.

Healing Testimonials

I entered a state of bliss after the session…

“I entered a state of bliss after the session that lasted about 24 hours where I felt a peace and calm run through my nervous system unlike any other that I’ve ever been able to sustain for that much time. It was mind blowing. About 24 hours after that, a lot of fluid started to come out of my lungs. Blowing nose and coughing for 2 days straight. I didn’t feel sick. I didn’t feel tired. It was just a detox. I had clarity about this (which I attribute to the light William brought)…There was some old, deep sadness that had hardened onto my lungs and my heart chakra. I then had some more releases, but then 24 hours after that, I feel light free, connected to my soul, one with the divine, I’m whole, I’m complete, I feel at ease and integrated with a profound connection to the divine.” – K.R. 

Healing Testimonials

Working with William has been transformational. I was diagnosed…

Working with William has been transformational. I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness in May 2023 and began working with William in November. Within just a few months my health has drastically improved: my energy and appetite have returned and my physical symptoms have significantly decreased. Not only did I start to feel better and was able to return to my usual daily routine, but my lab work markedly improved and my doctors noted how much better I am doing. I am no longer an appropriate candidate for an organ transplant given how much my body has healed. William is a pleasure to work with and is commutative, insightful, and dedicated. I feel so grateful to be able to work with such a gifted healer.
– Anthony

Healing Testimonials

When my 91 year old father went into the…

When my 91 year old father went into the ICU for organ failure, we called on William to work on him remotely to bring him back to health. As he was leaving the hospital, having spent a month there, the attending physician remarked: “people in your father’s condition don’t leave the ICU.” Not only did he leave the ICU, and was looking at being on dialysis for the rest of his life, I am happy to say that there is no more dialysis and Dad is doing all the things he loves. At 93 he is driving his motorboat all over the place and back on the tennis court. My family and I owe this all to William’s abilities and incredible work as a healer. I highly recommend William! He is a true gift!!!
-Beth F.


I have had the best experiences during my sessions…

“I have had the best experiences during my sessions with William Lewis. He is completely professional and puts me at ease. I have been suffering for years from a back injury from a car accident and was in constant pain. So much that walking down stairs one foot after the other was impossible. After just one session with him, the pain was reduced by over 50% and I was able to normally walk down stairs. After a second session, I had more mobility, the pain was gone and my energy increased. The best thing is that he can work remotely on me when I travel and I get the same results as if I was in person with him. I have seen him for pain, insomnia, stomach problems and stress. William has made a huge difference in the quality of my life!” – Michelle Deberge


My son’s upper body had been holding tight due…

“I have been a client of William’s for the past four years.  My first visit was to address deep chronic hip pain I had been experiencing while playing tennis.  After the first session I had incredible results.  The techniques he uses are unlike anything I have experienced.  Sometimes he uses a subtle touch and I can feel energy move through my body.  Other times, he puts pressure on trigger points until my body releases.  One  morning I suddenly was struck with low back pain while driving to work.  I booked a massage right away and the pain subsided a bit, but by the next morning it was back.  I went to see a chiropractor the next morning who gave me a great adjustment, but by the evening, it was back.  I walked into William’s office the following day and before I even got to the table, he started working on it.  I left his office that day and the pain was completely gone.

I took my daughter to see him for a few 30 minute sessions during a growth spurt and experiencing leg pain.  She went in feeling a bit dubious, but she felt relief and was very pleased.  I took my son in for a session after he fell off his scooter and landed on his face.  His upper body had been holding tight due to the trauma and with William’s help, he was able to release it.  My son hadn’t realized how much the accident had impacted his body until after the session.  I would highly recommend William to anyone suffering from chronic pain or injury.” – MICHELE ANDRADE


William is an incredible healer and I am so…

“William is an incredible healer and I am so thankful for his intuitive ability and knowledge of the body.  As a personal trainer I am very active in my day and with that sometimes comes pain that I found no one is able to fix but him.  He has healed everything from headaches and migraines to shoulder issues from an old dislocation injury.  His holistic approach helps me keep my body healthy and in balance and his insights have made me a better instructor and trainer to my clients.  He has helped me tremendously over the years to stay pain free and I am so grateful.”- OLIVEYAH SALVAGE, Personal Trainer