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About William

Master Healer, Mystic, Teacher


William Lewis is a profoundly gifted Master Healer and Mystic. He was born a supernatural powerful empath. William’s ability to feel other people and the world of Spirit inspired him to work helping others on their healing journey to the Divine.

Following the certainty and the conviction of his heart, William refused all limitations and restrictions on his growth. He forged his own path forward. Through 30 years of continuous seeking and practice William discovered the foundational gems in many spiritual practices including prayer, meditation and chi gong. Working with Master Healers and teachers, William discerned what was most useful and powerful following the knowing and truth within himself.

William has developed his work in private practice as a Master Healer and teacher while staying off the world stage. He has emerged to bring his extraordinary gifts and share his connection to the Divine in unique classes, sessions and workshops.

About Gladie

Gladie Lauer’s passion is showing others how to find their way back onto their soul’s path and retrieve the gifts they have come to bring into the world. She is a hands on healer and Sacred Home Creator. Her work aligns your home’s energy facilitating healing, tranquility and love.

Growing up she was creative in thought and good with her hands. She loved creating, organising and using her imagination. After college Gladie was drawn to the healing arts and for over 35 years she has done extensive study in this field.

Gladie is an integral part of Whole Light Healing and shines her light through all she does. She is the primary contact person for Whole Light Healing and is happy to support you and your needs. You may email her at gladie@williamlewishealer.com