About William

Lightworker, Energy Healer, Teacher

I am William Lewis, a healer working with Divine Light, higher realms and high level earth energies. I combine these spiritual aspects for Divine transformation and healing.

My journey as a healer began in 1991 with being guided to the Esalen institute in Big Sur, California. The focus at Esalen was on humanistic alternative education. There I studied massage in the style of caring for the whole body, mind and spirit. I became part of the Esalen massage staff and worked with the many students and visitors that came to study there. I knew there was something special about me and something special about doing massage in this free form setting. I began to pray before each session until I felt a connection with the Divine and would weave that connection into the massage session. The results were amazing. Working in this way was both art and prayer for me. 

Sharing my connection to the Divine through healing touch sparked a passion and love for healing work. I am a healer. I  love all religions,  Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Judaism, etc. However I am a healer and this is my spiritual path.


About Gladie

Gladie Lauer, a healer and spiritual fixer, is an integral part of Whole Life Healing and shines her light through all that she does.
She is the primary contact person for Whole Life Healing with William Lewis and is happy to support you and your needs.

You may email her at gladie@williamlewishealer.com.