“When my 91 year old father went into the ICU for organ failure, we called on William to work on him remotely to bring him back to health.”  Read more…
– Beth F.

“Working with William has been transformational. I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness in May 2023 and began working with William in November. ” Read more…
– Anthony

“Wonderful! It’s made such a difference.” – D.D.

“I entered a state of bliss after the session that lasted about 24 hours where I felt a peace and calm run through my nervous system unlike any other that I’ve ever been able to sustain for that much time. Read more… ” – Katie R.

“I felt the energy coming in and it was very powerful and also peaceful and kind. Read more…“- Gosia L.

“That was supercharged and powerful. Read more…” – B.R.

“That was fabulous! I had a lot of pain in my neck before we started and the pain in my neck is really loose and free.  Read more…” – E.C.

“All I know is this is the most peaceful I have felt all week. Read more…” M.L.

 “William’s workshops are life changing. What you experience is very hard to describe, but you heal and help heal. Read More…” M. S.


“I have had the best experiences during my sessions with William Lewis. He is completely professional and puts me at ease. Read more…” M. D.

“William is an incredible healer and I am so thankful for his intuitive ability and knowledge of the body.
Read more…” O. S.

“William Lewis is a healer. He is gifted with an internal vision of the body through natural perception, sense and touch. Read more…” – J.S.

“I went to William for minor mechanical issues, but found out there was so much more to healing than I thought. Read more… ” – B. R.

“I would highly recommend the workshop to everyone!  It was a profound experience. Read more…” L. H.