Sunset over a grassy knoll with fog
Whole Light Healing Sessions

William Lewis is a Master Healer, Mystic and Teacher working with Divine Light, higher realms and high level earth energies. His main focus is working with people experiencing serious health issues and terminal illness as well as those that have experienced trauma, past abuses and generational emotional injury. In the  healing sessions he has a conversation with the client to understand the challenges they are facing. As he begins the healing he goes into meditative prayer and connects to the Divine, accessing healing light. He sits in connection with the light as it grows and builds in his space. Following the guidance of this light William works on behalf of the client. This work facilitates healing so one can return to a state of wholeness and health. In order to book a session you may reach out to Gladie at

Healing Testimonials

When my 91 year old father went into the ICU for organ failure, we called on William to work on him remotely to bring him back to health.¬† Read more…
– Beth F.

Working with William has been transformational. I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness in May 2022 and began working with William in November. Read more…
– Anthony