Classes & Workshops

Classes and Workshops

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Heal & Strengthen Your Boundaries and Auric FIeld

$30 / Per Session

Highly sensitive and empathic people often feel and take on the emotions and feelings of others. Sometimes sensitive people may feel overwhelmed and buffeted around like a ship in a storm. Healthy strong boundaries help us hold our own space effortlessly. When your grounding and auric field is empowered with the right frequencies of energy and light your boundaries protect you, elevating your energies and allowing you to hold your space while remaining connected.

This class includes a healing light transmission and a video of the class will be available for 30 days.

Come join this ongoing monthly class on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9th FROM 6:00-7:30 PM PT via Zoom.

Building Your Divine Light Vessel

Bring your emotional, physical and spiritual wounds into Divine Light for healing. Develop yourself as a vessel for Divine Light and grow in your connection to yourself and your soul. Come join this ongoing monthly class via Zoom. (see calendar for dates) This takes the monthly group healing to a whole new level.

In class William channels very high frequency Earth energies and Divine Light, transmits empowerments and teaches the techniques for woking with these high energies and light.

Once registered, a video of the class is available for 30 days for you to practice, elevating your abilities and connection to higher energies and light. Practicing even one 20 minute meditation a day will be transformational in your healing process and change the way you relate to yourself and others.

$75 / Per Session

Divine Light Healing To Master Your Own Frequency

Master Your Own Frequency, overcome your limitations and bring your wounds into Divine light for healing.

Experience a profound connection to the Divine felt throughout your entire body and being. In this Mid level to Advanced Frequency Healing Class William channels a transmission of light from the Divine.

During this half day class you attain a deep connection to your innermost self where your truth awaits and your strength resides. With practice you can access and embody these inner traits, integrating them to transform your life. 

Date to be announced shortly.


Connecting to the Divine

Experience a profound connection to source flowing throughout your entire body and being, becoming saturated in Divine healing light. In this mid level to advanced healing workshop William teaches techniques and transmits energies raising the group up to closer contact with the Divine.

William starts the workshop by leading grounding and clearing meditations into which he channels powerful energies filling your system to increasingly higher levels.  Each meditation builds on the previous one, stair stepping up to form a vessel to receive and hold the light of the Divine.

Date, location, and price to follow.


Divine Light Healing Weekend Intensive

It contains powerful energy meditations into which William channels many different frequencies of light and energy.  Each meditation becomes an initiation to working with a new higher frequency of the light. This gives you an opportunity to take a huge leap forward in your personal spiritual development. You form a vessel for light and energies that can be used for healing, manifesting and nourishing yourself.

*This is a prerequisite for Tree of Life Meditation Weekend Intensive.

Dates, location, price to follow

Tree of Life Meditation Weekend Intensive

Building on the foundation formed in the Divine Light Healing Weekend Intensive, you take another huge step in building and utilizing your energy system. In this experiential workshop you will learn to channel Divine Light directly through your energy system and into the earth by forming the Tree of Life. 

Stacking one powerful meditation on top of another you raise your frequency, ground and expand your auric field, climbing a spiritual ladder to the point of directly receiving divine light and channeling it into the earth. 

A very special workshop culminating in opening the highest purpose of your entire energy system, bringing the Divine to earth through your whole being. 

Dates, location and prices to follow