MICHELLE DEBERGE, Professional Life Coach and Author

“I have had the best experiences during my sessions with William Lewis. He is completely professional and puts me at ease. I have been suffering for years from a back injury from a car accident and was in constant pain. So much that walking down stairs one foot after the other was impossible. After just one session with him, the pain was reduced by over 50% and I was able to normally walk down stairs. After a second session, I had more mobility, the pain was gone and my energy increased. The best thing is that he can work remotely on me when I travel and I get the same results as if I was in person with him. I have seen him for pain, insomnia, stomach problems and stress. William has made a huge difference in the quality of my life!”


“I have been a client of William’s for the past four years.  My first visit was to address deep chronic hip pain I had been experiencing while playing tennis.  After the first session I had incredible results.  The techniques he uses are unlike anything I have experienced.  Sometimes he uses a subtle touch and I can feel energy move through my body.  Other times, he puts pressure on trigger points until my body releases.  One  morning I suddenly was struck with low back pain while driving to work.  I booked a massage right away and the pain subsided a bit, but by the next morning it was back.  I went to see a chiropractor the next morning who gave me a great adjustment, but by the evening, it was back.  I walked into William’s office the following day and before I even got to the table, he started working on it.  I left his office that day and the pain was completely gone.

I took my daughter to see him for a few 30 minute sessions during a growth spurt and experiencing leg pain.  She went in feeling a bit dubious, but she felt relief and was very pleased.  I took my son in for a session after he fell off his scooter and landed on his face.  His upper body had been holding tight due to the trauma and with William’s help, he was able to release it.  My son hadn’t realized how much the accident had impacted his body until after the session.  I would highly recommend William to anyone suffering from chronic pain or injury.”

OLIVEYAH SALVAGE, Personal Trainer

“William is an incredible healer and I am so thankful for his intuitive ability and knowledge of the body.  As a personal trainer I am very active in my day and with that sometimes comes pain that I found no one is able to fix but him.  He has healed everything from headaches and migraines to shoulder issues from an old dislocation injury.  His holistic approach helps me keep my body healthy and in balance and his insights have made me a better instructor and trainer to my clients.  He has helped me tremendously over the years to stay pain free and I am so grateful.”


“William Lewis is a healer. He is gifted with an internal vision of the body through natural perception, sense and touch…blessed skills, which are enhanced through years of dedicated study and training of the physical/mental workings. He is able to source misalignment/malfunction and provide not only immediate relief but more importantly, long term correction.  My neck/lower back hurt through years of daily computer pounding and poor posture; my knees were sore, “clicking”, making walks a pain not a pleasure. In one session, William quickly sourced, touched and realigned with results that are lasting, not requiring a regime of repeated office visits, but only as needed as muscle memory is corrected.  He is blessed with healing gifts that become yours. I recommend William with highest praise and confidence.”


“I went to William for minor mechanical issues, but found out there was so much more to healing than I thought.  An appointment with William is a compressed vacation that brings me back to sanity, renewed energy and noticeable physical relief from aches and strains.  William seems to have a unique approach as well as a background and a wealth of knowledge of the human body and condition. Before William told me about how he works, I felt that he was a direct channel to something much bigger, dare I say God?! It doesn’t take much longer than a few moments to be connected a blissful, peaceful state of well-being that lasts much longer than the hour on the table.   It even works at a distance, as I found out this summer when I was in the East Coast. I think William is a healer’s healer.  His commitment to his practice permeates his life’s work with profound integrity and feels like a true calling.  I feel blessed to receive his gifts.”

LINA TURIYA, Artist & Entrepreneur

“I’ve known William for over 10 years and know first hand the deep and thorough dedication he offers every client he sees. When I was told that I had a cyst the size of an orange, he was the natural phone call to make. After seeing him for an in-person session and a couple of 10 minute, long distance follow-ups, my cyst completely resolved within 3 weeks. I’m so grateful I was able to avoid invasive surgery and would give William my warmest recommendation, to anyone looking for gentle and profound healing at the deepest level.”


“I attended William’s workshop this past weekend and I would highly recommend the workshop to everyone!  It was a profound experience.  No matter what you are trying to “fix” in your life – from relieving pain, to clearing blocks, to grounding yourself – William has an exercise/meditation that will work your way through the process.  He does guided meditations that are easy to follow, and he explains what he is doing through the meditation, so you can understand why you are doing the different exercises.  This helps you remember the steps when you will be doing the process on your own.  The energy generated in the room with William and the attendees generates beautiful deep feelings of relaxation, calm, well-being, peace and general energization.  To know William is a great experience for everyone.”


“William is an extraordinary healer.  He not only understands the anatomy and physiology of the human body, he understands whole-body healing.  Whether you are well and looking to feel better, or whether you are suffering from a physical ailment and seeking an adjunct to traditional medical care, William is a gift.”


“William’s workshops are life changing. What you experience is very hard to describe, but you heal and help heal. It’s a truly wonderful and beautiful experience. You’re in an environment surrounded by love and light, it doesn’t get better that that. In the two years that I’ve been seeing him, he changed and saved my life; I’m definitely not the same person I was two years ago. Thank you William!”


“William’s deep understanding and approach to health is truly unique. He integrates the physical, mental and emotional aspects of healing to promote alignment and well-being.  Working with William has been an exceptional experience.”