Healing the Feminine Wounds: Initiation to working with the Divine Feminine


Dates: April 27 & 28
Time:   10-3
Price:   $650
Location: Town of Sonoma (Details to follow)

We all have wounding in our feminine energy. This wounding costs us our connection to our deepest inner being and almost completely severs our connection to the Divine Feminine. Somewhere in our collective history, we lost our reverence for all that is feminine. This has created generational trauma, and both women and men have felt unappreciated, unloved, uncherished, and unseen. Our mothers and fathers were unable to give us enough deep nurturing, unconditional love, and acceptance early in our emotional development due to their own feminine wounds. This has left all of us, women and men, girls and boys, lacking in essential emotional sustenance. We have learned to compensate and carry on with life but something is missing that leaves us searching and grasping outside of ourselves. In order to be complete and whole in ourselves, we need to re-establish our connection to the feminine and allow her to heal and fill these voids in our emotional foundations. Thus, rebuilding the bridge to the Divine Feminine.

In this workshop William channels the pure feminine. The pure feminine is the emotional energy imprint we are meant to receive without all the filters of generational trauma and wounding. Throughout the workshop these wounds receive deep healing and nurturing. The wounds and the emotional centers in your brain become saturated with the pure feminine. A link is established so you have tools to further your healing with this energy as things come up in your life. This healing and filling of your entire being with the pure feminine is a body centered initiation to connect, receive and work with the Divine Feminine.

Please contact Gladie at william@williamlewishealer.com for more information.